Thursday, 12 April 2018

9/11 Legacy False Flag Terror A series of Kaminski essays about 9/11 - what really took place and why.

Our leaders tell us lies and expect us to believe them as the truth. They did it with 9/11, Sandy Hook and dozens of other false flag fiascoes. More recently they destroyed the nations of Libya, Syria and Yemen. Anybody with a brain no longer believes their lies.

Our last three presidents have been perverted misanthropes programmed to deceive rather than inspire. As the U.S. decays into an emaciated wreck typical of all nations that have been ravaged by the Jews — in debt, depressed, and living in a slum with no way to fix it — the Jews who pick our presidents sit back and continue to laugh at their cowardly gentile victims.

In their continuing effort to expand the borders of Eretz Israel, the puppetmasters have again dusted off the worn-out indictment that Syria’s president is gassing his own people. Perhaps this is a relic of the Jews’ World War II fantasy of Nazi gassings that never really happened. Today’s Syria fantasy is a whole-cloth fabrication involving “rebels” paid by the CIA and Israel that has been debunked twice before, but the Deep State buttonpushers have trotted it out again in hopes the gullible goyim will accept it as cause for all-out war against another innocent country that has done America no harm.

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