Thursday, 7 September 2017

On The Day The British Parliament debates the Brexit Bill...

This scene is a Sham. Nothing discussed here is for the benefit of you or myself. Merely for those sitting in these chambers.

This is a very simple debate that Britain's Political elites will be having today at Westminster. Any British parliamentarian voting against this legislation is a traitor to His country and should be locked up in the Tower to contemplate his offence.
The simple truth to be remembered is this: The British Public voted to enter the "European Economic Community" back in the 1970's Under Ted Heath.
The British Public did NOT vote to be swallowed up by a nacient "European Superstate". Nor did we vote to become a "Region" within a sprawling technocracy ruled by Unelected and frankly Insane Foreigners - most of whom we have been at odds with historically, and who now see this as a means to demolish British Influence and power across the Western World. The British People demanded the right to maintain our sovereignty and national identity in last years referendum. And no amount of revisionism and gerrymandering by those Cultural Marxists and SJW's created by left-wing loonies determined to undermine British Culture because it doesn't conform to their Twerking Politically Correct Agendas is going to change our future direction. We are leaving the Republican experiment the  EEC has morphed into. We want the same deal we originally signed up for- economic stability through Free trade and membership of the customs union. NOT the Political Gravy train that Europe has become which enriches the political Elites at the expense of every normal European citizen out there.
Unfortunately, it appears to the layman witnessing  shenanigans taking place; the Rush to mix the races within European borders is producing Thousands of rape Victims as per the "Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan", and numerous other Jewish inspired socialist experiments being forced on unwilling populations via the deep pockets of George Soros, and the Evil machinations of Germany's Chancellor Merkel. If not for that apologist witch, Europe wouldn't be drowning in a sea of fake-Migrants Today. But I guess it's a truism that what Germany couldn't take by force of Arms in 2 world wars, they'd rather salt the earth and destroy. Always were bad losers those Krauts!
And before all those fake Krauts who've never set foot on German soil start chiming in and saying that Germany was the victim, not the aggressor, i'd remind you all that nobody was press ganged into the German military between 1918 and 1939. Over a million were happy to dress up in Channel Uniforms and attempt to reverse the results of the previous military adventure their aristocracy immersed them all in back in 1913. And dear Uncle Adolph did indeed make sure that Germany had rebuilt it's military with the latest and greatest technology of the day. So, no. The war was inevitable-given the cast of Actors recruited to lead the various Countries back into "the Great Game" by The Jewish owned Western Banking System. Without their input, and financing, There would have been no 2nd World War, and no obscene profits for the Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, and their associated Cartel enablers.
...And nothing changes today either. Those same banks and families are now working hard behind the scenes to make sure that the 3rd World war happens according to the masonic timetable laid out by "Grand Master" Albert pike before the turn of the twentieth century to his Italian correspondent.
History as taught in the West is a LIE. It's up to you,The individual, to do the necessary research and realise that society has been pushed in various directions over the centuries because it benefits one particular race/religion only. Then you have to think for yourself and decide what you want to do about this social engineering? Preferably before the last penny is sucked out of your trouser pockets!

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