Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Relocation,Relocation,Relocation! A Long overdue return to posting...

Despite the events of the last week, life goes on in London. & the buses still run!

Hello to all you bored "Browsers" out there! I am *still* alive and Kicking in London,U.K. - despite the best efforts of Bureaucratic numpties, Local Government,The dep't of Work & Pensions and various assorted Utility Companies - all who have worked tirelessly to Force me to quit this plain of existence by making things as difficult and deliberately Noxious as possible.Yes, the last 6 months of my life have been contentious, and without the help and encouragement of my family and a few good friends, I am not sure that i could have survived the events i experienced and witnessed personally. If i was to resort to my "Conspiritard-head" way of thinking, I'd be blaming my situation on Jewish machinations and their wannabe helpers out there. But the simple truth is, our society is totally *~^%'d up today due to The changes in national Consciousness that have taken place since the late 20th Century in the UK. Despite what the mainstream media's would have you believe, we're NOT a nation of  Caring, Socially responsible people who look after the less fortunate within our Localities. Thanks to attitudes filtering downwards from our Political Masters in Westminster, We have to step over those for whom Life has become untenable on our highstreets on a daily basis. We've moved into a "Don't Care In The Community" way of thinking and behaving that's been actively encouraged for decades By Those Societal Manipulators/Social Engineers who have effectively brainwashed the greater majority of the British public into seeing those of us who need more help to get through life than the average able-bodied person as burdens on the State. Undesirables who should be hidden away from public view, and encouraged to remove ourselves from Life as soon as practical - lest we upset the Accountants and Lawyers who have hijacked both the political process and the The Collective Consciousness of the British Public; producing a generation who despise less fortunate individuals as drains on everyone's finances - rather than the sons,daughters,Parents and friends we always were in reality.
This Lowering of the intrinsic value of Human Life reflects the selfishness that's been encouraged at every level of Local and national Governance. This mirrors the attitudes of the Millions of "Refugees" from Eastern Countries who have Economically migrated to our Country, rather than work to improve their own societies from whence they spawned.
We shouldn't be surprised by "Terrorist Atrocities" in our major Towns and Cities any more. We have allowed the "Fifth Columnists" to enter our society en mass. Bringing with them the diseases, medieval mindsets and religious delusions that are totally at odds with our own societal norms. Few of them ever had any intention of "assimilating into our indigenous culture" upon arriving on these shores. Instead, most have worked assiduously towards creating versions of the self-same societies they were purportedly fleeing within our towns and cities. They expect us to respect their religions and practices whilst showing no similar respect for the society that has allowed them to live within it's generous boundaries. Instead, we see the continual erosion of Morality and Human decency that allows them to attack the defenceless British Public in our concert halls and streets, Using their "Holy Book and texts" to justify their murderous actions.
The Liberal Mindset that's afflicted British attitudes since the 1960's has seen fairness and decency replaced by indifference towards suffering, and a fake outrage fuelled by a left wing,politically biased media that strives to make us feel guilty for being the descendants of an Empire that once bestrode the world like a colossus ,and brought Education, Wealth and Civilisation to a lot of very dark corners of that past world. Of course, if you attempt to point out these changes to anyone in public discourse, the Authorities have made sure you'll soon be silenced before their boat can be rocked any further by the introduction of their "Hate Speech" laws. These enable our Society to be further hijacked by those who only have contempt for our standards and traditions. And they are aided by those "opinion Formers" employed within the media - like certain Radio personalities such as LBC's James O'Brien  - the worst example of a liberal "Snowflake" apologist who appears to hate the society he was raised within. He employs obvious Tavistock and Socialist techniques to ridicule anybody attempting to suggest Common sense answers to the vexatious questions of how to deal with the problems afflicting British society today. And will argue that Black is White in defence of the introduction of totally Incompatible peoples into our country, and the agendas they bring with them. He represents everything that is rotten and decaying within the British Media mindset today. And, as you can tell, he gets right up my nose! But I'm digressing from my theme.
With the rapidly approaching Next general Election on Thursday, I feel it's my civic duty to remind everyone eligible to vote to remember what we're supposed to be voting for. And to think long and hard about what sort of society we wish to live within for the foreseeable future. I know that we are all faced with having to choose from the lesser of the evils being presented to us in order to reduce the damage that the Conservatives are doing to the country before it's too late to change course. Sadly, the 2 other major political parties don't appear to be offering anything better to the electorate to vote for. It's all too depressingly similar to choose a single representative from - which is the way British democracy has worked since it's inception. A system designed to hide the truth that - no matter who you end up voting for, the Civil Service that underpins the working of Government never changes. And that means even if we get a change of the public face of Government. The essential agendas and dogmas that allow the elites to maintain control over the rabble never changes. The Queens Award ceremonies continue to reward those who crave official recognition for their roles in maintaining the Class systems and  Status Quo at the expense of true freedom and democracy. Where is our next Watt Tyler or Oliver Cromwell when we need them? A reset is badly needed to rebalance our society, and recapture national pride in a country that can do Anything if it puts it's mind to it. History has shown us this lesson time and time again.
This Thursday, go out and Vote for the modern version of the monster raving loony party. That's UKIP to you and me! The best of a bad lot that's on offer. Rant over.

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