Friday, 9 June 2017

A Well-Hung Parliament...

The Pantomime being played out In This Election Cycle *should* have resulted in these corrupt Gits swinging from ropes across the British Isles.
The Fix IS In! I knew it from the moment that Our Current Unelected Prime Minister decided to call a "Snap Election" in order to reinforce her mandate to bring Britain out of the Economic straitjacket Called the "European Union" that this was really a ploy to deliver confusion and the eventual cancellation of "Brexit" - especially as She was a "Remainer" throughout the referendum period last year.
Now, on the day after the election, we have been presented with the unedifying spectacle of Her utter failure to consolidate her Power base in Westminster. She has lost her Majority in the British Parliament, and now will have to entertain watering down any "Hard-Brexit" she could have forced through with her previous Clear majority of sitting M.P's. She'll also have to go Cap-In-Hand to other parties to gain their support for any decision the upcoming Government will take to deliver Brexit as promised. And as this will involve having to give other parties concessions that might result in Brexit failing to be achieved.
The mainstream media appears to be relishing this confusion and embarrassment to our political classes. In reality, it was their well practised mind-control techniques that effectively told the sheeple which way to vote as usual.So in effect, the mainstream media created this scenario on behalf of their owners - the 6 or so private Jewish owned corporations that control the media's across the globe. They told the British public "Dance Monkey-Goy Dance", and the British Public has obliged yet again.
I attempted to exercise my Democratic Right to vote yesterday, but when i attended the Polling Station, i was presented with a reduced choice of only 3 Politicians to choose from - all from the 3 largest Political parties in the country, and no alternative choices to vote for. I was forced to write "None of The Above" on my voting form as my preferred voting choice - UKIP - was denied to me. This would have been classed as a spoilt paper, and discounted from the final figures. Put me into a right bad mood for the rest of yesterday I can tell you! I feel cheated and disenfranchised. At the same time, i recognise that my one vote wouldn't have made a blind bit of difference to the overall results as revealed overnight on the news channels. So there's really no need to feel so put out by it all.

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