Tuesday, 13 December 2016

It never Rains...

Remember to wear Wellies Though,eh?!

On top of my physical problems, I now have to report that - as of 31st January,2017, i will be officially homeless as per my landlords Issuance of my "Notice To Quit", due to his selling this house i've lived in since 1991 out from under everyone who rents rooms here.
Hence my deciding to officially report this annoyance. And regretfully inform anyone interested that I doubt after all this upheaval in my life,that i'll return to Blogging or Net-Truther-Activism for the foreseeable future.
So, thank you to everybody who has been supportive of my on-line investigations. You have my deepest appreciation. Keep your minds open out there - and beware of anybody attempting to "sell you" their versions of truth under the guise of "pay-walls" or "subscriptions". Remember, A "Truth" you have to Pay To Learn is no Truth at all. It is merely someone else's "Product". A Ponzi scheme designed to fleece you whilst enriching them at your expense. Truth Is - Must be - Free to be learnt by anybody with the curiosity and will to comprehend the difference between the lies you're officially taught from birth. And the real truths hidden from your sight by those who *should* be your "public servants" - but who really work to another pipers tune whilst considering themselves superior and more deserving of life's rewards than the average Person.

Question Everything The Mainstream Media throws at you out there. Most of it is drivel designed to sell newspapers and make TV presenters careers. Even their latest Exercise in Bull-Shit:The so-called "Fake News" Brough-ha-ha is another political invention being sold to you all as a real problem. Instead of the exercise in distracting you all to not notice the scandals it is meant to gloss over - such as "PizzaGate", and "Brexit-never-happening"- on behalf of the self-same elites who need those stories to vanish to maintain their illusions of normalcy.
...& good luck to all the web-warriors; Those Truthers who continue to kick against the pricks in the face of Government legislation being introduced to stifle free speech and commentary on the Internet. We In Europe are knackered when it comes to staying online to call out all who dance to the Jewish Social-Engineers tunes. The introduction of The "Snoopers charter" in the UK; as well as the "Link Tax" just passed in The European parliament will lead to  a chilling effect on all attempts to get truth told over this side of the Atlantic. I sincerely hope Trump doesn't do the same to you Americans still dedicated to your first Amendment policy of "Free Speech". Keep going for as long as you all can. Humanity is depending on you.

foon1e - 13/12/2016. Ta Ta all!

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