Wednesday, 6 July 2016

U of North Carolina: Complimenting a Woman’s Shoes Is Now Officially a ‘Microaggression’

How Dumb Can "Political Correctness" Get?!
Editor’s Note: Orwellian communication control is ultimately mind control. If you haven’t seen the film Idiocracy, you should watch it just so you have a fair warning of the future we’re all wading into here.
One of the most prestigious schools in the Southeast has become a national laughingstock, after a set of guidelines on how to avoid so-called “microaggressions” on campus gained national attention. According to officials at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), bidding someone a pleasant Christmas vacation or complimenting a woman on her shoes are both forms of oppression against minorities that only the harshest of anti-discrimination policies can adequately address. Calling people “male” and “female” is also offensive, claim the two women – oops, are we even allowed to call them that? – who penned the guidelines, because transgendered folks who can’t even match their own chromosomes to the correct verbiage might become triggered. You’d also better not use the terms “husband” or “wife,” or even “boyfriend” or “girlfriend,” because, again, you might offend the mentally ill among us who would rather be called by the generic term for an object: “it.”  Anything and then some that might possibly offend someone who isn’t a white, Christian male is included in UNC’s no-no list, illustrating once again the utter derangement of modern liberalism run amok. Even inviting someone to join in on a round of golf is apparently offensive to UNC officials, who claim that it might make someone with a lower income – because golf is only for the rich, it turns out – feel badly about themselves.

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