Sunday, 10 July 2016

Rothschild Influence: Power Behind the Power

Look at Your Monarchies,Your Governments. This Insidious Malign Influence Is *Everywhere!*
In reality modern nations and free societies are but an illusion. There are those among us (the Rothschild family) who consider themselves the Elite of humanity. These would be emperors feel it is their right and destiny to control and rule (not govern) this country and indeed the world. What you will read here is but an introduction for the uninitiated … This saga is centuries in the making, and only now approaches maturity. There is no longer much doubt that this Oligarchical Elite literally owns our military, our leaders, our country, our money and their main instrument of modern propaganda, the mainstream media. A 2014 Princeton study clearly states America is no longer governed by Democratic process, but is ruled by an Oligarchy. The preoccupation, misdirection and constant propaganda provided by the MSM makes their actions and agenda almost impossible to ferret out … almost. This level of control is made possible by the divisiveness they instill in us through a constant barrage of fear, hatred and prejudice from birth.

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