Thursday, 21 July 2016

Engineered Chaos And Fear The New Norm In America and *Europe* As Many Assume The “Reality” Of Staged Events

Mainstream news Is A Distraction From what's *Really* Going On...BTW...I'd Avoid Wendy's Chilli Just In Case!....
For the first time in modern American history we have a generation that doesn’t know what order, calmness and peace looks like. They have no idea what it’s like to NOT be at war or even to be in a war that has realistic scenarios for a possible ending date. And now, with the ruling elite moving as fast as ever to get their new world order done we are seeing a brand new level of chaos and fear slowly becoming the new norm that particularly the millennials are being led to believe is inevitable and the new unavoidable reality.Many people would agree the term “in your face” is a good way to describe the nature of the Western cabal’s world order that is being pushed on us all both here in the US and around the world. Everyone is feeling it … and witnessing it with their own eyes. We are all watching a global government attempt to give birth and many of us are doing everything we can to stop this process by sharing information. Events are unfolding faster than ever before. Meanwhile, across the other side of the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin is making one urgent speech after another warning of the reality that is soon becoming an “irreversible” path to “nuclear war” due to NATO-US relentless aggression and taunting.

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  1. Fucking morons. These people need to be smacked upside the head to snap out of their stupid games. Wisdom is not interfering in people's games but integrity is interfering with fools or having to suffer the chaotic and irrational products of their foolishness. Imagery has been faked since the beginning of photography and paintings and other things were being forged before that. Nowadays videos and imagery can be faked by anybody! ANYBODY, never mind PsyOps departments with an endless supply of counterfeited and usured shekle-shakle mono-eye. They don't even do a half-assed good job because EVEN THAT works in their favor since MORONS look and say: "Well, if trillionaires were behind this, why would they do such a piss poor job?" The answer is: to fug with your head in exactly that way, making you doubt the evidence of your own eyes when you see obvious fakery.

    ~ Negentropic MK I


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