Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Banned in the UK

Published on Youtube 19 Jul 2016.
Richard Spencer discusses getting banned from the United Kingdom by Theresa May and what it means.


  1. Well, he was banned from Rent-a-gate even before England for allowing a couple of homos and an Iranian "pick-up artist" to speak at his conference, so England is actually more tolerant than the WN subcultures themselves, especially if they're run by brain-dead vegans with the initials KH. lol

    ~ Negentropic MK II

  2. Hilarious details of old Oracle Broadcasting drama dredged up by Rodney Martin through Celtic Rebel. I'm sure you'll figure out real quick who he's talking about. lol

    From: celtic rebel 
    Sent: Monday, February 29, 2016 1:04 PM
    To: I am the Next Hitler
    Subject: Re: Contacting the Celtic Rebel
    Offhand, I’d say you’ve devoted way too much headspace to that crazy bitch. Setting things straight, NOT a former girlfriend.She’s a crazy groupie; and the reason I stopped having sex with truth groupies. Guess I was lucky the first few times. She uses people, as she has a history of being “used.” She came to fuck me while she was living with her boyfriend. She had sent me some nudes, and when I said I wouldnt’ buy her ticket, she called her uncle with some bullshit stress story and had him pay for her to fly down and fuck me.  While here, she tried, like hell, to make herself a part of my show with some ludicrous teenage NWO mind control story.. When I refused, pointing out that her parents were right to send her to a teen rehab center considering she was a 14 year old, prostituting herself out for drugs (plus that same show had already been done by another former drug addict turned truth groupie Sherie on another Oracle show) … she started targeting my guests (ending up with Kyle, among others). Her parents do have some money, but I think they had enough of her drama and sent her off to New York (out of sight, out of mind).She doesn’t believe in that racist stuff, and I’m not even sure if Kyle does. She’s had sex with a few black dudes. She’s an opportunist. Kyle is after the money. She is after the attention. The time we spent together was purely sexual, and we didn’t really talk that much after, other than her “randomly” showing up as a new “best friend” or “lover” of almost everyone associated with my show for two years after. Getting rid of her, has been a process, and unforutnately, as seeing from your note, and that of others, it’s still not over. Does she really discuss me in the vid? As I said a second ago, I prefer to let that mistake of a period pass, so didn’t watch the vid.Look up the 10 traits of a sociopath, and you’ll get a pretty good idea of who she is (she fits every one). As to your other questions, though others have suggested I was “honeypotted” … her and I didn’t really get that much into family and such, the brief time we spent together was spent sexually, and for obvious reasons, not “intellectually.”Alex (Celtic Rebel) PS: Hope this is not a shocker, but your “movement” has always been full of liars.


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