Monday, 4 July 2016

A Problem In The World? Just Blame ‘Whiteness’

If Anything, "Whiteness" Is The Term that should be applied To The Stupidity Of Those Deluded Fools Who Encouraged "Race-Mixing" As A Solution To Societies Problems.
This week saw an awful amount of attention drawn to a thing known as “whiteness.” At the BET Awards Sunday, actor Jesse Williams gave a speech on the always contentious issue of race. Williams argued that blacks are routinely mistreated and murdered by police in a way whites aren’t, which is due to African-Americans’ lack of real freedom in this country. He went on to demand that any critics of Black Lives Matter “sit down” because they, for the most part, don’t believe African-Americans deserve equal rights. The BLM-supporting entertainer concluded his speech with a fiery spiel on the evils of “whiteness” and how it exploits black people. The speech instantly went viral and was championed as a “powerful” broadside against racism by the usual suspects in the press. The content was par the course for BLM rhetoric, with its attacks on alleged police discrimination and accusations of white cultural appropriation. What made it stand out to its fans was its presentation by a television star at at live event. What makes it stand out to its skeptics is its focus on whiteness as the ultimate problem in race relations.

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