Saturday, 11 June 2016

Winery Fights Utah's Laughably Awful 'Zion Curtain' Rule

Seriously - If You See Any Religious BS Like This being Passed As "Law"? You MUST Stop It Dead!
*Yet More Minority Religious Nonsense that Should be fought and defeated. Stand Up To Religious Tyranny, Wherever you find it - lest we all get buried by Dogmas and Bull-Shit!* - Ed
Since 2010, The Hive Winery, in Layton, Utah, has used local fruits and honey to create its award-winning fruit wines.The Hive has also demonstrated a unique penchant for stinging the powers that be. In a state where Mormonism dominates, The Hive produces two cherry wines, the polygamy-themed "SisterWives" and "Bishop's Daughter," the label of which shows a topless, tattooed blonde woman in a tub above an entreaty to "give this cherry a try!" Recently, the winery decided to take on Utah's Zion curtain, a mandatory "7-foot-2-inch opaque barrier that newer restaurants must have in bar areas so children [and anyone shorter than Greg Ostertag or Mark Eaton] can't see alcoholic beverages being mixed or poured."

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