Wednesday, 22 June 2016

VIDEO: Calais Migrants Block Roads, Destroy Cars, Shout ‘F*ck UK’

Vote "Remain" And You Doom Britain's Future.
*In direct contradiction to the message the "Remain" campaigners were spreading last night on The BBC, The Ever Swelling Mass of Criminal Scumbags Congregating on The French Coastline in an attempt to reach the "Easy Touch" U.K continue to demonstrate WHY We should close Our Borders to this menace that the European Union Continues to wave on to British Soil - Rather than send them back to their Countries Of Origin.*
Thousands of illegal migrants in Calais have blocked roads, rioted and attacked vehicles in coordinated attempts to break into the UK en masse. Ferries were disrupted and police were forced to temporarily close some roads last night, with the attacks continuing today. Fearful English football fans and tourists trying to pass through the town said migrants had thrown stones at their vehicles and they shouted “F*ck the UK”.

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