Sunday, 19 June 2016

UK Cops Enforce Homo Hysteria

How Do You Mind-Control A Whole Country and It's Population? Through "Social Engineering" Via A Controlled Media.
I drove by the Wiltshire Police Headquarters today and could not believe my eyes when I saw a rainbow flag half mast with the Wiltshire Police Insignia proudly flapping about in the wind. I was stopped in traffic outside and took a photograph on my mobile phone, hence why the quality is not great. So let me get this right... When a load of straight people get killed, blown out of the sky in a plane, shot on the streets, murdred in acts of war from illegal invasions by the United Snakes of Ameria and friends, no flag at all gets put half mast. When a TERRORIST shoots a load of gays in a club, a special flag that is known for representing the Lesbian and Gay Liason Officer (LAGLO in the UK Policing world) is placed half mast outside the police HQ!!
This demonstrates totally that we are being put second and gays, as usual, are in front of the majority of natural men and women who don't have same sex relations. It's obvious nobody wanted the men who were killed in Florida shot for being gay, not for any reason would a normal person want that, and it is very sad news to learn that so many people lost their lives.

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