Monday, 20 June 2016

The EU Referendum Is In 4 Days. Time To Wake Up To What Continued "Membership" Of This Totalitarian Organisation *REALLY* Means.

Cameron Speaks On Behalf Of The Banks, The Elites And Transnational Corporations - NOT The British People.
The June Editorial:

Listening To The Staged "Debates" Taking Place on the run up to Thursday's Historic Leave/Remain In The EU Referendum, I am constantly struck by The Obvious "Acting" on the part of the Visible Protagonists On Display. No One presented to the British Public as an Honest Broker In This debate appears to be 100% Genuine In their desire to represent the best Interests of The British Public. They're either using this media platform to gratify themselves and their egos. Or they're indulging in Political Point-Scoring along Party Lines. The only casualty of this process Is the British Public - left hanging before the referendum without the REAL Facts to draw upon before making their mark upon the proffered Forms On Thursday.

The Only "Winners" of this situation Seem to be The Gambling sectors of Britain; The Bookmakers,Betting Shops, and Stockbrokers that are making a financial Killing on this whole mess. By Maintaining The Fiction that this vote is "Too Close To Call", Desperate punters are encouraged to spend Money they don't really have in the hope they will win big on the results of this manipulated process.
...And It's Not Even as if the Vote won't be fiddled by one side or the other; just Like The previous Irish Vote was.

To Avoid The Massive Banking/Taxation Scam The EU Was Created To be, The British Population *MUST* Vote To LEAVE ON Thurday - and pay close attention To What Happens to The voting Forms once they leave the Polling Stations. Take a Pen With You, and USE It! Do NOT accept the pencils they offer you to make your mark with - that's how they've successfully fiddled the past General and Local Elections In Favour of The Jewish Banking Families Sock-puppet Cameron & The Elitist Tories. Use YOUR Common Sense. Or Lose Your Future.


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