Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Scotland CAN'T veto Brexit, admits Alex Salmond despite Sturgeon's threat to deny 'consent' for referendum result

Dream-On Merkel Clone. We're OUT and Staying Out!
Alex Salmond admitted last night that the Scottish Parliament cannot block Brexit. The former First Minister and veteran MP, said Westminster would be able to override any move by Holyrood to veto the UK leaving the European Union. Nicola Sturgeon, the Frump Minister, suggested over the weekend that the Edinburgh Parliament would withhold approval by using an obscure legal mechanism.She said she would instruct MSPs to reject approving the legislative consent motion. But Mr Salmond said Miss Sturgeon knew 'full well' that it was not the same as a veto, adding: 'The word veto never passed her lips, because Westminster has an override. So the Scottish Parliament can block but Westminster can then override.' He told BBC Radio Scotland: 'It is not a veto but Nicola was correct to say it can withhold legislative consent.'
The only way that Scotland could be a member of the EU is if it was to decide to become independent from the UK in another referendum. But it would then have to apply from scratch to become a member of the EU.

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