Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Partially paralysed man with one third of head missing overturns fit for work decision - which should NEVER have been made!

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A partially paralysed man who had one third of his skull removed has had the finding that he is fit for work with part of head missing.
Kenny Bailey, 50, had one third of his skull removed after a massive stroke caused his brain to swell. He was left with severe memory loss, limited mobility, paralysis down one side and awaiting an operation to insert a metal plate to reshape his skull. In spite of this, he was found fit for work in April and lost his ESA award. It was only after national publicity and intervention by his MP that his award was reinstated. The DWP, bizarrely, claimed that the decision was changed because Mr Bailey provided more evidence, rather than because it should have been absolutely obvious to anyone that he not fit for work.

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