Wednesday, 1 June 2016

New UK vehicle mass surveillance database and 1984 Action Day

The Euro_Fascists Control British "Policy-Enforcer" Actions. Get Out Of Eurasia NOW!
UK roads mass surveillance database contract awarded to subsidiary of arms manufacturer involved in fraud prosecution. What could possibly go wrong? If only there was a day of action against such things…
For almost a decade UK police have been operating a vehicle mass surveillance system that stores the details of vehicle movements in a centralised police database for at least two years. Now the police/Home Office have decided to replace the database and data mining tools behind the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera mass surveillance network. The contract has been awarded to SELEX ES in partnership with Sungard Availability Services. More on SELEX in a moment. The new database system, called the National ANPR Service (NAS), will be hosted on the goverment’s G-Cloud cloud computing platform (which, by the way, forms part of a technology obsessed restructuring of government that was started by previous UK governments, at least dating back to the sinisterly named Transformational Government Strategy of 2005

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