Tuesday, 21 June 2016

It’s Not Just the UK – Widespread Support for EU Referendums Seen Across the Continent

Which Is precisely WHY The Elites Have already Fiddled The Election To Make Sure The Result Will Be In THEIR Favour - Remain!
If you aren’t paying close attention to what’s happening in Europe, you may be surprised by the extent of “elite” panic at the notion that the British people could decide to leave the EU.The truth is that most of these EU technocrats continue to dream about a closer EU, i.e., more centralization and less democracy for the people of Europe. In their minds, the idea that a major member of the EU could ever leave wasn’t even comprehensible. Their goal has been, and continues to be, a push toward a European superstate fantasy in which national sovereignty is completely subjugated to their incontrovertible undemocratic decrees. As such, they subconsciously recognize that even if Brexit is avoided, any effort to further consolidate power in Brussels will be extraordinarily difficult. This recognition is too devastating to come to terms with, so they will fight it. This is also why they can’t see that the reason anti-EU sentiment is on the rise not just in Britain, but across the entire continent, is a direct response to their own actions. Specifically, how recent issues of enormous consequence, from the Greek “bailout(s)” to the refugee crisis, were dealt with.

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