Thursday, 16 June 2016

Bankers Threaten Brexit “Chaos, Fear and Emergency Measures” But Threat of Collapse Already Exists

On June 23rd, If We Don't Ensure A Fair And HONEST Referendum Vote? Then The Banksters Will Have Won.
For a while now, the economic starvation and piling debt has already brought the world to the brink several times over. Jobs, currencies, loans have governments and individual households alike struggling to stay afloat. And the bankers have already said that the next big crash is imminent. The banking crisis and the sovereign debt crisis in Europe were the first two hits according to Goldman Sachs, who warn that the Third Wave is upon us.
The eerie warnings and signs of danger have been absolutely piling up.So, it is no surprise that major banking interests and global titans are pulling strings to block a successful Brexit vote, and using their media outlets to stir fear about the imminent collapse that can/will take place if it happens. Veiled thought it is, it is a clear threat from the banksters that economic penalties will result from the attempt to undermine elite control over Europe.

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