Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Bio-Weapons the US Created Pose the Greatest Threat to Civilization

It's NOT "Paranoia". Those Controlling Societies Purse-strings Really DO Want Us ALL Dead! Why Else Spend So Much Money and Time Creating The Tools To Bring This About?
It’s fodder for the latest movie about an outbreak of a contagion or Special Forces setting out on an assassination mission. Of course, that’s Hollywood fiction, but the truth is more frightening than the wildest imaginings. It was 2004 when Scott Shane with The Baltimore Sun reported how army scientists in the Special Operations Division (SO Division) at Fort Detrick, Maryland worked on bioweapons during the Cold War (1947-1991). These weren’t just ordinary scary weapons, they were designed to kill either an individual or a specific group of individuals as well as initiate an epidemic. There is very little documented information on the SO Division’s project code-named MKNAOMI. It’s said to have been the successor to the MKDELTA and MKULTRA projects. It was such a covert joint CIA-Army project, that no paper trail was created, which turns out to have been the standard protocol for the project.
The bioweapons the SO Division created were many. One arsenal was known as the Big Five. According to a former CIA operative identified in the article as Patrick, “The Big Five program was devoted to assassination.” In the article, former supervisor of SO Division’s anthrax production, William P. Walter told Shane that the Big Five was “hair-raising.”If you wish to know more details about the Big Five, you’ll have to wait until it’s no longer classified. Don’t hold your breath, that day will probably never come.

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