Monday, 30 May 2016

"That's Not True" BBC Host Hangs Up On Guest for Citing Rotherham Muslim Rape Scandal

Don't Trust The BBC Or ANY Mainstream Media Mouthpiece. They ALL Lie To You.
According to BBC host Dotun Adebayo, the Rotherham mass rape scandal never happened and bringing it up is "offensive." On BBC 5's Up All Night radio show Friday, Adebayo asked guest Ryan Girdusky to defend Trump's "racist" plan to "ban all Muslims from America." Girdusky said the ban is a temporary "halt on Muslim immigration" to address the problem of terrorism by Muslims in the US and went on to cite the mass rape scandal in Rotherham as a reason a nation may want to restrict Muslim immigration. BBC Host Adebayo responded by feigning outrage, claiming his accurate description of the scandal was "not true," and hanging up on him.

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