Saturday, 7 May 2016

London Elects First Muslim Mayor

Thanks To Non-English "Voters" In The Nations Capital, We're All Witness To The Continued Colonization Of Britain.
Sadiq Khan was elected London's first Muslim mayor on May 6 after defeating Zac Goldsmith. Khan, who grew up in public housing as the son of a Pakistani bus driver, scored a huge win for the Labour Party; Goldsmith, who represented the Conservative Party, is the son of a billionaire, reports Reuters. Goldsmith accused Khan, a former human rights lawyer, of sharing stages with radical Muslim speakers and providing "oxygen" for Muslim extremists. However, Khan insisted that he has opposed extremism and regretted sharing a stage with people who had "abhorrent" views. (Political Weasel-Words If ever you heard them!) Goldsmith insisted that he brought up legitimate questions, but some voters told Reuters that the campaign was "disgusting and slimy."

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