Monday, 9 May 2016

Here are the 10 weirdest ways humanity has tried to cure sexual dysfunction

It's No Joke To Men Who Suffer from The Condition...

I've always been jealous of boys, envying what seems like the ease of male biological life: no periods, no fear of pregnancy and all your junk is on the outside so your doctor doesn’t have to go tunneling, like she’s breaking out of Shawshank, to find out what’s up with your cervix.


But men don’t have all smooth sailing physically. Back in the day, many of the remedies they were stuck with to help with erectile dysfunction were either gruesome, ghastly or just plain goofy and seem like they’d have the opposite effect from the one desired. Here are 10 that are bound to make many men — and their honeys — more grateful for Viagra than they already are.

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