Friday, 20 May 2016

Freemason Sadiq Khan Heralds UK's Racial Transformation

Dick Whittington He Ain't!
To many Londoners' complete surprise,  Sadiq Khan was sworn in as the new Mayor of London, for the Labour Party on May 8, after beating the opposing Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith.  He is the first Muslim Mayor of London and the only Mayor of that faith in any major Western capital.
This appointment of a Muslim mayor has sent a signal to the whole world that London is set to change. The white man in London will become a historical entity. A Muslim mayor of London has been planned for quite some time. The way is clear to create the mixed race society that had been planned as far back as 1925.Khan is a member of the Labour Party which is affiliated with the Socialist International, essentially a front group for the Masonic Jewish (Communist) Banking Family cartels.

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