Friday, 20 May 2016

Former MI6 Head: Europe Faces “Populist Uprising” Over Migrant Crisis

The British Way of Asking *politely* for Them to Return Home Doesn't Work! More DIRECT Action Is Needed.
Former MI6 head Richard Dearlove warns that Europe faces a “populist uprising” if its governments fail to take control of the migrant crisis.
“If Europe cannot act together to persuade a significant majority of its citizens that it can gain control of its migratory crisis then the EU will find itself at the mercy of a populist uprising, which is already stirring,” Dearlove told BBC’s World on the Move. Noting that the number of migrants entering Europe could run into the millions, Dearlove added that next month’s vote on the UK leaving the European Union was “the first roll of the dice in a bigger geopolitical game”.

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