Saturday, 7 May 2016

Expat Returns to Find England Unrecognizable

It's Not The Skin Colours That Cause Strife. It's The deliberate Imposition Of Alien Cultures And Religions on Britain's Streets.
English Society has undergone enormous transformation since my last visit 13 years ago. As my mother always told me, "Life is continual change" and "There is no coincidence in Life - everything happens for a reason." English Society appears to be totally controlled by fear. With so much unemployment and homelessness, the peoples' fear is the loss of their comfortable lifestyles.There has been a huge influx of immigrants of every conceivable religion and culture. This has put incredible pressure on social and welfare services. Almost every town and city have been completely taken over by foreign sights, sounds and smells . Not all natural born English citizens have taken kindly to this overall transformation. Many companies and business are now owned and managed by foreigners. For example, many construction companies are owned by Polish nationals. The most obvious societal change has been the interbreeding of the white race with races of various skin colours. Not everyone is aware but it has been a deliberately planned destruction of the English indigenous peoples. Avid researchers of truth would be aware of the 1925 Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

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