Sunday, 22 May 2016

David Cameron's disgraceful dishonesty over the EU is turning Britain into a banana republic

Determined to keep His Rothschild-Controlled Snout In The E.U. Trough, Ca-Moron Resorts To Ballot-Box Dirty-Tricks.
That Cameron wrote to the chairman of Serco, which has billions of pounds worth of government contracts, outlining his plan to ask for pleas to stay in the EU in annual reports, while telling the House of Commons he did not rule out leaving suggests he is a liar. At the time, to give him the benefit of the doubt, he may not have been able to decide to whom he was lying. We now know it was to the Commons, and the country. Having done that, spraying around a few peerages to deeply unsuitable people, or promising businessmen to see them all right in the long run, may appear neither here nor there. But it stains him: it stains our public life; it stains our country; it justifies the low opinion millions of people have of politicians; it is indeed reminiscent of the banana republic; and should cause everyone to ask why, on this most important question of our lifetimes that we decide in just a month’s time, we should dare to believe a single word he says.

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