Saturday, 23 April 2016

Wives become less stressed after their husbands die, study finds

Obviously, Don't Tell Your Mum's This!
Marriage has long been thought to be beneficial, in sickness and in health. But a new study suggests that widows actually suffer less stress and frailty than wives whose husbands are still alive.
The findings are in contrast to previous research which showed marriage has a protective effect on health, lowering the risk of a heart attack, depression and increasing the chance of surviving from cancer.
The new study, by the University of Padova, found that while men suffer negative consequences when their wife dies – because they rely more heavily on their spouse -  women appear to get healthier. Lead researcher Dr Caterina Trevisan said the presence of a wife may bring benefits for men in terms of household management and healthcare, whereas women are "more likely to feel stressed and find their role restrictive and frustrating."

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