Thursday, 14 April 2016

Welcome to the Matrix! Physicist Tom Campbell on Simulation Theory, Quantum Weirdness and Consciousness

Look Around You...Ever felt "Life" Is Too Weird? Too Bizarre To Contemplate? You're NOT Alone!
Welcome to the era of virtual quantum weirdness, my friends. Lucky for us, we have Tom Campbell, physicist with NASA, Army Intelligence and out-of-body experiences on his resume to walk us through it.But, what of the natural philosophical follow-up questions that come along with being told you’re living in an ultra-advanced virtual realm (i.e, Who made the simulation? What am I then? Does that mean my consciousness is simulated?)? Obviously, scientists can’t answer these queries, but if we don’t dive into them, we’re left with nothing but a tremendously achey case of existential blue balls. No fun.
Lucky for you (and them), we’ve got Tom Campbell on the show. Tom is a man with both the requisite hard (I’m holding back a double entendre right now) scientific and subjective consciousness-based expertise necessary to have this conversation properly.

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