Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Labour activists seek rule change to ban anti-Semitic members

You Are Paying A "TAX" To Be Brainwashed By Jewish Propaganda. Wake Up Dummies!
*The Jews In charge Of Official Labour party Policy are attempting To stifle *any* criticism or genuine Investigation of Zionist Perfidity By Prohibiting Discussion of Jews or, as They call It - "Anti-Semetic Comments". They are Instigating This in an attempt to Censor any parliamentary members on pain Of Expulsion from The labour Party. This sinister Behaviour is Typical Of Those Elitist Supremacists who seek to maintain Power over Others. It's endemic amongst The Political Classes In The UK. And certainly not limited to labour. There is a palpable sense of menace abroad In Britain. With the Fears of Economic Collapse affecting a large percentage of The Population, and the pressures impinging On The UK's Services and Local Government Finances caused By The Unfeasable Migrant Numbers entering The Uk. The Cultural Sabotage being Unleashed In Local communities is compounding The Fear levels demonstrated by The General Public, as well as Public officials - terrified of being seen as less than Politically Correct by Those Political Animals determined to Pervert Traditional British values into unrecognisable twisted parodies Of what was once acceptable in Polite Society.
This News is Being Reported By Another "Institution" completely controlled By Jews In The Uk - The BBC. Seeing as most "Heads of departments" Within The BBC Are Jewish, It follows that They Too Are Intimately Involved In The Push To Alter British Society Into One better Suited to aiding The Zionist Agenda Of "Multi-Culturalism" And "Greater israel" becoming The Controlling Country of any nacent "World Government" - The Much Mooted "New World order" Control System They have been working towards for Thousands of years.
Zionism is Nothing More Than Jewish "manifest destiny" Writ Large Across The World. Of Course, By Writing All This, I have forever tarnished Any chance of My entering Public Office In The Jew-K. There is a reason Jews Denigrate ALL Non-Jews With The term "Goyim". Please Do Your Own research and comprehend how YOU are seen By ALL Jews Worldwide - as a "Resource" To Be Exploited - Not As A True Human being. Understand What Is Being Done To You All. Get Angry, Like Our More enlightened Ancestors Did, and act accordingly. There IS A Reason Jews Were Expelled from so many societies 109 Times Historically. That Is Being currently demonstrated Worldwide through their Infiltration of The Banking, Media and Political Centres of Control. Something anybody with eyes and ears can comprehend for themselves.*

Labour MPs and activists are trying to change party rules to make it easier to expel anti-Semitic members, with clear cases to result in a lifetime ban. Local parties are set to vote on a proposed change in the coming weeks.

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