Saturday, 30 April 2016

Jews move into "Damage Limitation Mode" whilst trying to hide Their Perfidities Within British Parliamentary Structures.

You *know* Things Are Getting "Real" When the Jews Start Attacking The very same "Systems" That They've Hidden Behind For Almost A Century.
Watching The "mainstream meda" Attacks Upon Certain Political "Leaders" and their acolytes within The British Parliament Is revealing The degree of Control That Jewish Interests have over The British Government Today.
In Fact, Since The time of Disraeli, Britain has been held hostage to Jewish Zionist Control amongst It's Leading Political Voices. The proof Of this is born out by every major decision taken by the "British Government" Since The turn of the 20th century. From the time of the "Balfour Declaration", The Indigenous British Population has been held hostage to the machinations of the Jewish Banking Families who control the National self-determination of every major Western  nation on the planet: Ostensibly  as part of the push towards a "World Government" Run and controlled by Those self-same Jewish Banking Families, who trace their own roots to Babylon and the  Talmudic Belief Systems that claim they are the "Chosen race" of a Non-proveable Deity who gave "Them" dominion over every Other strain of Humanity on the face of the planet.
Look around the world today. The only countries not governed and controlled by Jewish Banking Families are the same countries being attacked By NATO today. At the same time, The "United nations" Makes Plans to invade and control The United States; as demonstrated by the various sightings of UN Forces being embedded within multiple strategic Cities and townships throughout the U.S. The left-wing Push towards disarming The U.S Populace is a desperate attempt by those self-same Jewish Neocon controlled federal powers to remove the possibility of The U.S Population to defend themselves against such a blatant over_reach of "Federal" (Socialist - as in Jewish Doctrine regarding the ability of the "Goyim" To democratically govern themselves) Dictatorship.
This similar system of control is what we are witnessing in British Politics Today - with the Jewish controlled press witch_hunt against labour Politicians like ken Livingston who have accurately related "Historical" Facts about WW2 and Political Figures Ambitions of that time.
Today's Jewish "Helpers" and Slaves manoeuvring for the scraps from the Jewish Kosher Table are going flat out to Demonise anybody Pointing Out what they've been up to In Britain.
Activating The Jew-Controlled British Media is The act of a desperate cabal:fearful that the "Goyim" as they disdainfully refer to us as, have awoken to what they have been doing to us for centuries. They've always used the trick of calling anybody who dares to reveal their Evil Natures an "Anti-Semite" to Justify their "Systems of Control". (It's not as if there isn't verifiable proof that the "Holocaust" wasn't a "Real" Event) as the Jews have been financially milking Us for all they could do for decades by playing on Western "Guilt" They Instilled within "Goyim" via their manipulation of Historical Events and National Educational Curriculum's. They've been using the same "6 Million" Lies In Western Media since the late 19th Century; easily verified by searching out newspaper Articles Of That Time.
The political attacks against "Labour" are designed to have a "Chilling Effect" against any Politician who would "dare" to reveal the truth about the perfidity of Jewish Interests and control within all Western Countries. More people, Both Politicians and Average Citizens need to keep this issue in the public eye - until the majority wakes up to exactly WHY Jews were exiled from 109 Western countries throughout recorded History.
WAKE UP!!! Before It's Too Late!

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