Thursday, 7 April 2016

Is There a Jewish Race?

Take Note - Jews REALLY Believe This!
"The Library of Political Secrets" is a series of 50-page booklets by the Hungarian researcher Itsvan Bakony, translated in Paris in January 1969. The series, published by the "League for Christian Defence," provides evidence that since Biblical times, psychopathic Jews have indeed regarded world domination as part of their "Covenant with God" and have actively pursued this mission.
Excerpted below is a discussion on whether the Jews are a race or not. In this regard, there seems to be parallel and contradictory paths. On the one hand, ancient bloodline families occupy a hidden aristocracy within Judaism and promote the importance of racial purity.  On the other hand, the Illuminati (Cabalist, Masonic) families intermarry with generational satanists of other racial backgrounds. However, these "outsiders" may in fact be crypto Jews. The intermarriage may take place at a lower social level.

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