Thursday, 28 April 2016

If You’re a Misanthrope, are You a Misogynist?

...and Beardy Said That, So It *Must* Be True!
Let’s get some terms straightened out. If you’re a misanthrope, you pretty much hate humanity in general. Women, children, men, you despise them all. You can still hate everyone and have exceptions for your own family and puppy dog, but you’re probably more than willing to press the button and vaporize millions. Frankly, you don’t give a shit about anyone other than you and your own. What’s a misogynist? Misogyny is a sub-category of misanthropy but focuses its hatred on women. In other words, if you’re a misanthrope, you’re pretty much a misogynist as well. But if you’re a misogynist, you are not necessarily a misanthrope. (Even if you probably are, but that’s another matter.)

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