Saturday, 16 April 2016

Goddamn the Religions of Abraham – How the Ritualistic Baptism in 3D Technology has Already Saved History

As worshipped Today By Jews Everywhere
ISIS did its best to destroy everything around the Temple of Bel, but the angels of our better judgment overruled the followers of an Abrahamic religion and saved a piece to our collective past inside the binary equivalent of protective custody. The Arch of Triumph, near Bel, though it did not literally survive the attack, will be resurrected digitally. Back in August of 2015 it was reported that the Temple of Bel was destroyed by ISIS in Palmyra, Syria. This was the usual behavior of an organization that holds civilization hostage in many ways. For most of the world, ISIS’ commodity theft and human hostage taking is the most sinister action it has to offer. It is true that those forms of terror, no matter how unoriginal, count, but the lasting damage and the kind of damage that will remain long after the last drop of oil is squeezed from the Middle East, is the fear it instills when taking over a historic site. Chances are they will destroy it, breaking another precious link to our past.

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