Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Dennis Skinner Gets Chucked Out Of Commons For Calling Cameron 'Dodgy Dave'

I loved This Exchange in the commons on Monday. Good for an honest giggle...
Dennis Skinner branded David Cameron "dodgy Dave" in the Commons on Monday - and got thrown out of the chamber for it. The veteran Labour MP accused the prime minister of refusing to answer his questions about mortgage payments on his houses "at the time he was dividing the nation between strivers and scroungers" after the 2010 election. Skinner added: "Maybe Dodgy Dave will answer it now."
Speaker John Bercow ordered Skinner to withdraw the word "dodgy" as it broke parliamentary rules.


  1. He should have called him a pig fucker.

  2. I am attempting to keep this disgusting Fact In The Public Eye Over here Paul. Nice to see you visiting my humble Blogging effort. Thanks For your support-it *is* appreciated.

  3. Skinner was only booted out for that day. if he had brought up Cameron's Pig Head Incident, I have no doubt he would have received a Lifetime Ban. politicians, as well as the rest of us Slaves *have* to "Know Our Place" within British Society - Or be willing to live with the severe consequences


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