Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Yahweh = Satan. They have you worshiping evil.

The Jews Gave You "Christianity": The Greatest Control Mechanism Of The Last 2000 Years. Suckers!
As I see it, Yahweh, the god of the bible, is in fact none other than the Great Deceiver himself, Satan. A far cry from the loving and compassionate god that his deceived followers claim he is, the bible pretty much says he is an ego-maniacal god of war and tyranny who if not obeyed, claims he will send you into eternal torture. He rules via fear and intimidation as tyrants do. He requires death for the smallest of infractions, and even demands the murder of entire cities/nations for arbitrary reasons.
Yet he has managed to garner billions of followers on this world who give him tribute in the form of worship, prayer and sacrifice, ie: energy, and they all believe he is a merciful and loving god, when the facts say otherwise. Who else could pull off a stunt like this of such enormity but the Father of Lies himself?

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