Friday, 25 March 2016

UF0s & MK-ULTRA: Psychic-Hacking & Social Engineering as Old as Civilization?

Streiber:Abductee or Conscious Con-Man?
What I discovered in writing the first part of Prisoner of Infinity is how the experiences of alleged alien abductees like Whitley Strieber, whether phantasy, reality, or some little understood combination of the two (the model I lean towards), are filled with very clear “symbolic” elements. These symbolic elements point towards early childhood trauma (possibly universal) that the psyche is attempting to address and integrate through psychic re-enactments. This requires re-experiencing trauma in an unconscious attempt to make conscious the original experience. If psychology is accurate about this, then early trauma is the basis, the driving factor, not merely behind UFO encounters but all human history and experience, at least until that early trauma is made conscious and can be integrated.

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