Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Turkey is deliberately ‘unleashing’ Isis terrorists into Europe, says Jordan’s King Abdullah

Erdogan and chums are attempting to bring back the "Ottomann Empire" via the backdoor of a Muslim Invasion of Europe.
Turkey is exporting Isis-linked terrorists to Europe, according to King Abdullah of Jordan. The monarch’s remarks came in a meeting with members of the US Congress, in which he said that Islamist militants were being “manufactured in Turkey” and “unleashed” into Europe. He also used the debriefing, held after a cancelled rendezvous with US President Barack Obama, to remind the US politicians of Turkey’s alleged complicity in buying Isis oil. “The fact that terrorists are going to Europe is part of Turkish policy,” said King Abdullah. “Turkey keeps on getting a slap on the hand, but they are let off the hook.” Arguing that the autocratic Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan believes in a “radical Islamic solution to the region”, King Abdullah said. “Turkey sought a religious solution to Syria, while we are looking at moderate elements in the south and Jordan pushed for a third option that would not allow a religious option.”

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