Thursday, 3 March 2016

The European Crisis: The Dutch EU-Ukraine Association Agreement Referendum - Yet MORE reasons For "Brexit".

If We Don't Take This opportunity To Extricate Ourselves From The Corrupt Politics Of Europe, We Never Will.
Europe is continuing to get bogged down in a political swamp. Contradictions between the national interests of the EU member states and the political course of a supranational bureaucracy have turned into a phase of sharp struggle.Today the EU gets struck by: Huge immigration flow from Arab countries, North Africa, Eastern Europe and the Balkans; The economic and trade crisis, which has caused unemployment and the reduction of incomes; US political pressure and the financial dictate of the US-controlled international financial institutions, & Threats to basic civil rights and freedoms. However, EU citizens are being intentionally misguided and mislead in both identifying and dealing with all of these challenges by their governments. In the pursuit of upholding the interests of the international banking cartel and the geopolitical machinations of a few in the US elite, the Euro bureaucracy leads the EU to an inevitable collapse.

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