Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Bush Family Saga – Airbrushed Out of History

The latest Generations Of A Family deeply Involved In Every Nefarious Enterprise During The last 2 Centuries.
That a family with so many skeletons in its collective closet could have produced two presidents of the world’s most powerful nation should have every last one of us wondering whether the world has gone completely mad. Perhaps it has. This may be the lesson we need to learn from the Bush Family Saga, that far from being an exception to the rule, it is the rule because they and the class and “race” they represent write the rules. Most important of all is the fact that the Bush family is not an aberration, but symbolic of the nature of US imperialism and how it came to be. The cast is huge and the connections vast and complex. Essentially though, in tracking the rise of the Bush family, we track the rise of the American Empire. It is no wonder then that some subscribe to a conspiratorial view of American history, given all the connections. But it doesn’t require a conspiracy to explain the enormous power that a handful of families have acquired, merely an understanding of how the ruling class maintains its power in the United States.

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