Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mass psychosis and the technological race to destroy humanity

Forget "The Singularity"! Mankind Will Be Extinct Long before That Takes Place.
Psychosis is defined essentially as a mental disorder which usually consist of hallucinations and or delusions which indicate a disconnect from reality. Delusions are a false belief, and hallucinations being a mental sensory perception of something that does not exist. Put these all together and you have a mental disorder which accompanies an irrational behavior based on a trend of thought and belief that, as you continue to entertain, only disconnects you further and further from reality. Reality, is who you are right now, and what is happening right now which may or may not coincide with your individual perception. If I act in a way that is hurting my existence and is completely irrational, but I continue the behavior because I believe something that is not real, that would constitute a form of psychosis.

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