Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Kabbalah - Blueprint for Gentile Genocide

The Talmudists Have Almost Completed Their Plan For World Domination. Now Only The "Goyim - Cull" Remains
We know the Talmud regards non-Jews as animals. In this eye opening article, Rev. Ted Pike reveals that the Kabbalah goes much further and blatantly calls for Gentile genocide.
The secret of genocide: We have been conditioned to associate "genocide" with Jewish victimhood but wars started by Cabalist (Illuminati) Jews and Masons throughout history have killed far more non-Jews. Christian Zionists are rubes who are complicit in their own destruction.
Throughout history the aggressor (hater) pretends he is the victim of aggression (hate.)  The aggressor is the cabalist Jew and Freemason (the Illuminati.)

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