Monday, 21 March 2016

Jeremy Corbyn says George Osborne must resign as the Budget 'simply doesn't add up'

Democracy Is A Lie. We're Ruled By Perverts,Shysters And Criminal Elitist Puppets. Of Course Osbourne Won't Resign. He Has NO Honour!
Jeremy Corbyn has called on George Osborne to resign, saying his Budget “simply doesn’t add up”. The Labour leader challenged the Chancellor to come to the House of Commons and explain how he will “reconfigure” the Budget which he says has been undermined by Iain Duncan Smith’s shock resignation. Mr Duncan Smith resigned as Minister for Work and Pensions on Friday saying that cutting disability benefits at the same time as announcing tax cuts for high earners was “not defensible”. Speaking on BBC’s Breakfast programme this morning, Mr Corbyn said: “The Budget doesn’t add up, the Chancellor of the Exchequer should come back to Parliament to explain that.

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