Saturday, 5 March 2016

High Wycombe revealed to be the most adulterous town in the UK last year

Shagging. It's Not Just A Dance Style.
Who knew there was so much going on behind closed doors in Buckinghamshire? According to stats from married couples dating site, High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire was the most unfaithful town in the UK last year. Which could make for some uncomfortable conversations over the cornflakes in the suburbs this morning.

*For those curious to see the numbers, click this link for the source of the report.

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  1. I take it it's not an "open marriage" hipster culture over there like California circa 1968 in the movie "Bob & Carol, Ted & Alice"? lol

    Pick Up Artists say London sucks for hide-the-sausage activity and is, of course, expensive as hell to boot. They advise that if the Brits have wild oats left to sow and want to bang other girls behind their woman's back, they're better off tapping Polish girls' in England or better yet going to Poland like the pussy-whipped cultural traitors they are and "dipping the Pole into a Pole" over there in organic soil! lol

    "One Polish migrant said her countrywomen tended to be prettier than UK women, while British men were better looking than Poles."

    If they are all like this then why complain?

    Any man who wouldn't get on top of that action in 2 minutes flat is a beta male monkey non-mother-fucker. lol

    So, you're in luck if you don't mind banging foreign birds like a traitor to Britannia, foon. The analysis has been done. The modern man only goes where the casino of feminism doesn't have "the-house-always-wins" odds against them.

    ~ Negentropic MK I


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