Friday, 4 March 2016

Electromagnetics: Technology & Magic

It's The End-Times. Only Possible Thanks To Science And the Micro-processor.
It is impossible to discuss what is happening in our society without discussing technology.  Technology is something that most people use, but don’t really know anything about.  For most of us, it goes no further than knowing how to hit an on and off switch on a cell phone.  However, what I am talking about goes a lot deeper that that.  What I’m talking about is electromagnetics on a much higher level.  What if some unholy mix of governments, corporations, and militaries were able to control the human mind?  What price would they be willing to pay in order to do that?  Or let’s take it in another direction.  What if the metaphysical world is impacting the physical world, but we just can’t see it?  Schizophrenics: crazy.  Demonic possession: crazy.  We like to throw the crazy label around a lot.  However, the events taking place in our world today are crazy and the only answer must be just as crazy.

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