Thursday, 3 March 2016

Donald Trump Kills Puppies with His Bare Hands

Honestly? I have No Idea If He really Does Murder Puppies. But That Fur On His Head Has to Come From *Somewhere*!
As more states for Trump came, pontifications about America sliding off the continental shelf from the true believers were expressed. You would have thought I was at a DNC gathering. Delicately I nudged various members of the party asking who were they rooting for and what did they think about Trump. It was an unexpectedly explosive question. No one, and I mean NO ONE liked Trump. They hurled epitaphs at him, his policies, his hair, his existence. One accused him of war crimes. I gently as possible mentioned that he hadn’t taken office yet. So unless he’d taken part in genocide as a hobby, his being charged with war crimes was unlikely. The response was that he wants to kill families. He wants to sue us out of free speech. HE WANTS TO KILL PUPPIES WITH HIS BARE HANDS.

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