Thursday, 24 March 2016

A Thought Experiment in Rights

Humanity Is Still Slave To Superstitions And Delusions.It Lacks The Ability To Think Rationally For The Most part.
A thought experiment is a useful device for getting down to the truth of things. For example, Einstein discovered the Special Theory of Relativity through a series of thought experiments; certainly back in those days, there weren’t many trains actually running near the speed of light! I noticed in another forum, in one of my discussions about rights, that people were getting mixed up about causation. I had claimed that the so-called right to life boiled down to nothing more than “most of the time, most people won’t kill you.” One responded, “Why not? Is it because they believe I have a right to life, they are afraid of the consequences or most likely, they have nothing to gain by my death?” Of course, my position is that the first is irrelevant, and the rest is all there is. But then it occurred to me, to actually put this to the test.

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