Saturday, 20 February 2016

Freedom Isn’t Free (Except when it is)

The Truth is:We're ALL At War With Our Own "Governments". Because if You Don't Resist Evil, You Get Crushed!
Years ago back in my days at the academy and in the military, I used to hear this phrase “freedom isn’t free” over and over again. It was almost a sort of motto for a lot of military units– a self-motivating expression that freedom came at a price, and it was our solemn responsibility to pay that price. It’s a true statement. Freedom is NOT free. History shows that the path to liberty almost invariably involves conflict, whether it was the American Revolution, or Brown vs. the Board of Education. And these conflicts often demand a very steep price from those who fight them.Today we are in the midst of another great conflict. I’m not talking about hostilities in Syria or even the Global War on Terror.
This conflict is between the individual and the state.

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