Monday, 1 February 2016

Bankster Crimes 101: HSBC scammed £1billion from British high-street shoppers, the media blackout continues

Read About This In Your "Daily Liar" This Morning? Nope? Didn't Think So...
The deafening media silence on HSBC applying over £1bn of illegal charges to 500-600,000 British shoppers perseveres. Working as a debt recovery specialist for HSBC, whistle-blower Nicholas Wilson was ordered to illegally overcharge British shoppers in arrears on store cards at the respected high-profile retailer John Lewis, which also owns the supermarket Waitrose. Wilson refuses to be silenced, and has campaigned relentlessly since he told the bank 12 years ago what they were doing was illegal. His efforts have yielded no mainstream media coverage, and only independent journalists free from HSBC’s widespread influence – such as Dr. Nafeez Ahmed and those at Real Media – have reported on the story.

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