Tuesday, 12 January 2016

War Propaganda and the Western Media: Fabricated Images. Fake Videos:Fake Videotape used by BBC/CNN

You Can't Afford To Believe The Mainstream Media: They Lie To You Daily On behalf of Their Masters.
What should be understood is that the use of fabricated images is a routine procedure of the Western media. Its ultimate intent is to sustain the lie and mislead public opinion. There are many instances of media manipulation. The following article first published eight years ago in the wake of the March 2008 Tibet riots shows how CNN used fake videos showing “Chinese cops” involved in the repression of Tibetan activists in Lhasa. It turns out that the cops are not Chinese but Indian, and the protest movement is not in Lhasa, capital of Tibet but in India. CNN never retracted its “technical  error”. The report –which served to demonize the Chinese authorities– was not the object of controversy as in the case of the NYT’s coverage of the protest movement in Eastern Ukraine or the BBC’s use of fake images in relation to Madaya, Syria.

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